We are

creative and strategic
crazy about collaboration
innovative and solutions-focussed
wide awake and insightful
imaginative and capable
emotionally invested
resourceful and thorough
fixated on quality
talented and skilled

We do

originate and develop concepts and ideas
work in strategic, creative and tactical partnerships
unearth unusual possibilities
make emotional brand connections
create unique pieces of living art
make memorable experiences
map, prepare and implement
enlist best in class suppliers
sculpt elements in a 3-D space

We play

view our mini showcase, during lockdown

We love

to design unique, memorable experiences that bring ideas to life.

Our Team

We make believe happen!

Darren Richard Hayward

Executive Producer and Showrunner

He’s a multi-award-winning creator of visually exhilarating, dynamic experiences – broadcast and live. He’s been producing and directing shows, series and events for global broadcasters and brands – in Africa and recently also the UAE – for over two decades. And his passion is sculpting in a three-dimensional spaces with technical precision and theatrical expertise.

Resume standouts include Showrunner for The Voice South Africa, Nigeria and Afrique Francophone, Executive Producer and Creative Head for RMB Starlight Classics, Showrunner for Amazon Prime’s Last One Laughing – Naija

Paul Egberink

Creative Producer

He’s a solutions-driven, detail-focused producer and designer with over 20 years’ experience in bringing conferences and events to life. He delivers end-to-end services through all brand touchpoints in a multitude of sectors. And he draws on his creative expertise and robust logistical skills to curate live and broadcast shows with passion, integrity and insight.

Resume highlights include the She Owns Her Success, Earthshot Prize and MultiChoice partnership announcement, the VW Polo launch music festival, and One Night with Mzansi at the Dubai World Expo.

Gcobisa Mashishi

Production Manager – Logistics & Finance

She’s a driving force behind the magic, with extensive experience and technical expertise. She’s detail-focused, resilient, decisive and passionate – and responsible for balancing the many moving parts behind the scenes. She has a distinctive ability to adapt to challenges as they arise. And she’s dedicated to ensuring that the show goes on – magnificently.

Resume standouts include the One Night with Mzansi at the Dubai Opera House, Rebrand of South African Parliament TV, MultiChoice Product Showcase broadcast and Momentum’s She Owns Her Success.

Nhlanhla Ncwana

Production Manager – Events and Broadcast

She’s a focused go-getter and tenacious problem-solver with unique perspective and enthusiasm that shines. She has a strong background in corporate events and can pivot, as needed, to create solutions for clients. She believes in the power of hard work, planning and perseverance. And she’s dedicated to delivering outstanding results.

Brilliant projects in her resume include the Earthshot Prize and MultiChoice partnership announcement, Pendoring Awards, SANEF Fundraiser and One Night with Mzansi at the Dubai Opera House.

Lulu Mlangeni

Assistant Creative Director – Events & Broadcast

She’s a highly accomplished professional dancer and choreographer who won the Standard Bank Young Artist Award (dance) in 2020. Her theatrical background, artistic integrity and discipline are integral to our creative talent choices, visual aesthetics, and overall project styling. And her passion pushes the kind of out-of-the-box thinking that’s needed for world-class experiences.

Project that Lulu is proud to be associated with are Assistant Director and Choreographer for for RMB Starlight Classics and One Night with Mzansi at the Dubai Opera House and Choreographer for the presidential Inauguration in 2019 and Assistant Director.

Tamara Downing

Broadcast Line Producer

She’s an exceptionally highly skilled and knowledgeable broadcast line producer. She has over 30 years’ experience in creating and delivering challenging and prominent projects in Africa and – more recently in the UAE. She inspires her teams to always strive for excellence. She is dedicated to storytelling and top-quality content creation.

Some defining projects she has line produced are One Night with Mzansi at the Dubai Opera House, Amazon Prime’s Last One Laughing – Naija, Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards and CNN Africa Journalist of the Year Awards.

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